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CoSyDat DFÜ-Manager 6.2.1

No Image The CoSyDat DFÜ-Manager is design to create, edit, operate and test RAS-Connections. When dialing into Internet, the Internet fee will be registered, a Vamp protection is active and warning for expensive 0190x entry numbers will be given. All internet using programs or favorites can be started via the DFÜ-Manager and will than be protected by the safety measures of the DFÜ-Manager. Online time and online fee can be registered and reported.

RAS-MP2M Master 1.2: View, Unpack, and Create RAS/MP2M compressed files.
RAS-MP2M Master 1.2

RAS Maker 2 is a command-line extraction/compression utility written by Remedy for Max Payne 2. Presumably to save space, Remedy packed most of the game data into .ras files. These are extracted as needed while loading levels, etc. Obviously, as a modder, you need to get to these game data files, modify them, and then repack the data into ras files again. RAS Master is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) written by me over Remedy`s RASMaker2 utility

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Ashampoo Magical UnInstall 2.82: Free Uninstaller - and your system keeps up speed!
Ashampoo Magical UnInstall 2.82

Ashampoo Magical UnInstall completely monitors each new installation. This is ensured by the system remembering each single change to the system. But that`s not all to it: Installations can be completely undone, if requested. This means: If you leave uninstallation of software to Ashampoo Magical UnInstall, the system will look afterwards the same as before installation, i.e. no single unused file will remain on the system.

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Unattended Installation Windows 3.0

installation and enjoy the automation! Unattended Windows and software installation. MultiSet will automatically install all the applications you require, either onto your original computer or onto a new one. It`s an ideal solution for rebuilding your systems quickly! Create a stand-alone unattended installation CD! You can use MultiSet software to create a universal disk for automatically installing software onto a computer using any media (CD/DVD

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RoboSetup 2.1: Automatic software installation of any complexity, including inserting your data
RoboSetup 2.1

installation. 5) Supporting several different methods of automatic installation: - processing installation dialog boxes. - special silent installation keys, the necessary key can be selected automatically. - a keyboard-and-mouse macro, i.e. saving and reproducing all your mouse and keyboard operations during the installation. RoboSetup will be useful for everyone: - Home users who can create collections of automatically installed software and then

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Almeza MultiSet 4.5: Unattended Installation Windows, software, drivers, patches
Almeza MultiSet 4.5

installation. Besides, Almeza MultiSet can create bootable CDs/DVDs. Such disks can be used as a rescue means after a system crash. To completely restore the system, you will only have to insert such a disk into the CD/DVD drive. MultiSet has a special Wizard which will help you quickly create unattended installation disks. 1. Creating a disk of unattended software installation. 2. Creating a disk of unattended Windows installation. 3. Creating a

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MultiSet - Automatic system deployment 4.0: Automate system deployment and create stand-alone unattended installation disks
MultiSet - Automatic system deployment 4.0

installation disks with MultiSet Unattended Installation. Are you a system administrator, and need to upgrade your company`s computers to Windows Vista or Windows XP? Have you no time to develop, test and debug unattended installation scripts that come with Windows resource kit? Don`t want to answer the same setup questions on multiple computers? Look no further! MultiSet Unattended Installation automates the installation of any version of Windows

automate install, system, installation, auto setup create stand alone, automatic, deployment, windows unattended, unattended

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